The IT Cloud Saves Christmas

Halpern and Co is an accountancy practice based in central London. Their on-premise file server experienced a critical hardware failure during the Christmas holiday period. Imagine returning to work with no access to information, no ability to send or receive email. This was doubly problematic for Halpern & Co as they enter accountancy silly season; otherwise known as Self-Assessment January!

Fortunately their backup was in the cloud and so data could be restored quickly onto a local PC as an interim solution, at the same time we quickly migrated their email onto a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution to get them back up and running as quickly as possible.

Although Microsoft still provide support for the Server 2008 operating system this was still 7 year old hardware that was 4 years out of warranty. A critical hardware failure is often the first of many issues and so, rather than risk further disruption, it was decided to move the entire business into the cloud.

With no capital costs to worry about, a hosted desktop solution made perfect sense. Ultimate flexibility for user management and providing the team with the ability to work from anywhere – the ideal business continuity solution. Read more about hosted desktops here...