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One of the major benefits of outsourced IT support is the ability to have a dedicated and experienced team at your disposal, without the cost of maintaining an in-house IT department. Our team will act as your trusted virtual IT department, and provide you with a dedicated account manager and access to a skilled service desk team that can handle your day-to-day IT support needs.

Here's an overview of how we can help with your Managed IT Support and Business Telephony.

IT Helpdesk

We offer comprehensive IT Helpdesk & Support services to help your business run smoothly and efficiently. We understand that technology plays a crucial role in the success of any business, and our goal is to ensure that your technology is always working to its full potential. We have a wide range of IT Support Desk services that can be tailored to suit your needs and you'll get to know our friendly and experienced team in no time.

Microsoft 365 Support

We are proud to be a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) which enables us to help you with your Microsoft Licenses, provide billing and support for customers alongside managing your Microsoft cloud services.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

The one thing you really need to do, throw away those tapes, bin the costly fire safe and back up all your business critical data to the cloud. Our fully managed backup service allows for bare-metal restores of servers, continuous backups of data and SQL databases. Read more...

Business cloud storage

For a small business nowadays there's no real invest to invest in expensive server infrastructure, hosting your data in a cloud storage service such as Dropbox allows for near instantaneous file syncronisation across machines with the added bonus of being able to restore your data from any point in time. Read more...


Taking measures to protects your business online is essential these days. We can help you secure your local infrastructure and of course the security of your online presence as well. Read more...

Business Grade WiFi

Our range of business grade WiFi solutions provide an end-to-end wireless fabric of reliable, scalable, secure, and cloud-managed platforms that perform under demanding conditions. Whether you need a single wireless access point or more, we offer a range of solutions for your business.

Business Telephone Systems

Our Cloud Hosted Systems ensure you no longer need to worry about hardware or maintenance. Calls are made over the internet, with more features than a traditional telephone system and you can work on whichever device you choose if you are online. There is no initial outlay, simple installation, and a fixed monthly cost.