Providing peace of mind

Data Backups

Backing up your data is one of the most important and simple things you can do to protect your business. The rationale is simple, by frequently backing up data to a remote location, the risk of catastrophic data loss as a result of fire, theft, file corruption, or other disaster is practically eliminated. With a high-speed Internet connection it's now possible to backup your entire business online, no more need for tapes, fire safes etc. High level encryption and password protection help to ensure privacy and security of your data.

A wide range of online backup services are available to suit specific requirements, for both individual consumers to those of large organisations. For medium-sized and large enterprises or for particularly valuable data, the cost of online backup can prove to be a wise investment.
Depending on the type of data you want to backup there are many options available. Continuous backups of data, transaction level SQL databases and bare metal restores of servers are now available as standard. All data is stored in fully redundant data centres, certified to ISO27001 and it is now possible to choose the geographical location that your data is stored in.
Prices for online data storage are dropping all the time and we constantly monitor these prices to make sure you are getting the storage you need at the best possible price.