Business cloud storage

Why move your data to the cloud?

Traditionally a small business would have installed a local file server for the purpose of sharing files between staff and this would have allowed remote access to external staff via a secure VPN gateway. Whilst these solutions are great, if you're just starting out as a business the up-front cost of this hardware can be prohibitive especially as you will need to buy something that will suit your business needs for the next 3-5 years.

Increasingly, start-up businesses and those who have reached the capacity of their servers are looking at cloud storage as the way forward.

The benefits of cloud storage are clear, you will only pay for the number of users you need now, if you choose to buy a server you need to factor in future growth when buying that device. In addition your data is backed up automatically, generally with the ability to restore data from any point in time and of course it's located in a secure datacentre, not the corner of your office!
All the major suppliers offer their cloud storage solution and each has their own benefits, for businesses that value enterprise security and online only working 'Box' is a great product, for companies that want to keep working in a more traditional way 'Dropbox for business', 'Google drive' or 'Microsoft Onedrive' might be more suitable.

All the products offer near instantaneous file syncronisation across different machines with the added bonus of being able to access the same data whilst away from the office, on your mobile devices etc. Security has to be paramount with these types of solutions and that's why we don't only work with one product. Talk to us to find out which solution works for you. As partners of all the major suppliers we are happy to recommend based upon your needs.