Emergency Email Migration

The OHO Group contacted The IT Cloud when they'd simply ran out of patience with their old email solution. Not only were they unable to sync information across devices, they couldn't see what each was doing and they were running out of storage space. This was impacting on their ability to communicate with each other and with their clients so they wanted migrating away from their current provider as soon as possible, with the promise of pizza on tap we agreed to migrate them that same evening.
Over the course of that evening, we migrated them onto Office 365, this increased their mailbox size from 1Gb to 50Gb and also enabled all the functionality you would expect from a modern email solution. Staff could now share contacts and calendars and in addition had full access to their mailboxes via mobile devices.

Time was needed on-site to configure each machine and to provide some training for staff. It was, after all, a big step to move off something they had been using for years and onto a cloud-based solution. We used an automated migration tool to extract their email data from their existing supplier and then upload this onto the Office 365 servers, that way no data was lost during the transition.
Now, all is good. Productivity has improved as they can send and receive email wherever they are. Everyone is able to communicate much more effectively and not worry about whether an email has actually gone and if it has reached its intended recipient: vital in the recruitment industry!
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